The nuweb system for Literate Programming

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The nuweb system for Literate Programming was initially developed several years ago by Preston Briggs, and was later extended as part of Marc Mengel's Master's Thesis to help work with both specifications in Z (in effect, LaTeX source in a LaTeX/nuweb document) and the code that implements the specification in a common document.

At that time Preston wasn't interested in making new nuweb releases, so Marc took over maintenance of it, with his permission.

At present, Simon Wright and Keith Harwood are the active maintainers.


Folks interested in starting to use nuweb should download the tarfile with sources already unpacked from the nuweb.w file, a Makefile, etc.

Those who already have nuweb running can simply download the latest nuweb.w file, or checkout the module from the CVS Repository.


You can browse the nuweb source/document [PDF, about 2 MB] , or just the User's Guide [PDF] portion.


Please post bug reports at the Sourceforge Bugs tracker, and feature requests at the Feature Requests tracker. Send comments, questions, etc to the nuweb-users mailing list.